About Texas College

The College’s history states that in the Spring of 1894, Texas College was founded by a group of ministers affiliated with the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church. The founding represented the start of the educational process for a group of disenfranchised individuals in the area of east Texas, City of Tyler.

The Charter as originally issued July 1, 1907, indicates that the name of  the corporation was established as “Texas College,” with the purpose of an educational institution designed to operate under the supervision care and ownership of the CME Church in America. The exclusive educational direction was to include the education of youths, male and female, in all branches of a literary, scientific and classical education wherein [all] shall be taught theology, normal training of teachers, music, commercial and industrial training, and agricultural and mechanical sciences.

On June 12, 1909, the name of the college was changed from Texas College to Phillips University. The noted change was associated with Bishop Henry Phillips, as a result of his leadership and educational interests for mankind. The name change was short lived and reportedly lasted until actions for a name reversal occurred in 1910 at the Third Annual Conference of the church. In May 1912, the college was officially renamed Texas College.

The subsequent years of the College were spent with refinements and enhancements of the educational enterprise. The Articles of Incorporation reflect such efforts with modifications and amendments during periods 1909 to 1966.

Today, the College complies with its founding principles in that she remains open to all individuals without discrimination on the grounds of national origin, race, religion, or sex…with the right to offer instruction in the areas of Arts and Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences preparation of teachers and the provision of instructional supports, to those in pursuit of an education.

The vision of Texas College

Texas College – a creative, culturally diverse, inclusive environment, preparing students who aspire to be purpose-driven, financially secure and marketable leaders.

The mission of Texas College

Texas College is a Historically Black College founded in 1894, by a group of CME ministers. Our mission continues to embody the principles of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. The College shall prepare students with competencies in critical and creative thinking related to the knowledge, skills, and abilities as defined in areas of study. Additionally, the College shall provide an environment to inspire intellectual, spiritual, ethical, moral, and social development, which empowers graduates to engage in life-long learning, leadership, and service.

Core Values

To address the mission, the College incorporates the Core Values listed below:

Academic Excellence – developing a culture of curiosity and creativity that will challenge the frontiers of teaching/learning; stimulate research; raise the level of analytical reasoning and inquiry; and enable students to acquire leadership, human relations, communication, and technology skills.

Integrity – instilling the pursuit of character, honesty, and sincerity of purpose as the moral rubrics upon which the behaviors of our graduates and College family are anchored.

Perseverance – implanting diligence, enterprise, and pride in the application of skills, knowledge, and abilities developed during the course of study at Texas College.

Social Responsibility – promoting in the College community a conscious awareness that we are all stewards of the resources entrusted to our care.

Tolerance – emphasizing openness to divergent points of view, applying an eclectic approach to rational and analytical thinking.

Community Service – encouraging self-extension in service to others as the heart and soul of our educational enterprise.